Back from clowns festival butlins Bognor my photos & write-up

Now I’m back from the annual Clowns weekend in Butlins Bognor Regis here is my review and some photos thanks to circus/clown fan Steve Jacks. This festival was my inspiration to become a clown as a kid So I always give my support along with many other working clowns from Clowns Intentional the oldest clown club in the world. At this years festival as well as clown shows on the skyline stage in butlins I set up the Zaz mini circus for an additional stage within butlins massive bigtop. The shows were busy, many mums & dads watching said that they preferred watching shows here as sometimes the main stage can seem a little big & distant for the little ones….for me I enjoyed performing on the main stage with all Butlins technical support & lighting but did shows in both spots. Every year a different Town mayor dons the red nose, but this time it was great to see personal friend & former clown Cllr Jim Brooks. Jim is a former clown himself, he performed summer seasons back in the day with his father Kerby Drill, who is a local hero now retired, clown & artist an a real inspiration to me ever since I saw him perform at my primary school when I was a kid. As usual I felt myself lucky having only to travel down the coast from Brighton to meet many clown friends coming from as far as USA, NZ, Denmark & even way up in Scotland. Sunday sadly was a bit rainy & windy they did say they would have a word “upstairs” at the sunday morning clowns church service but never the less the show must go on, and on we paraded through the butlins bigtop along the seafront & through the town following a fantastic calypso steel band. Thanks to all my Bognor friends & locals for supporting us in the rainy weather, A highlight for me was bumping into a lovely older lady that could also see the funny side of my giant Ipod gag, she agreed, thats the problem with the kids these days always with those music things in their ears! I cant hear you i’m listening to music I replied……who says clowns ARE just for kids eh!. Once back in the warm we started up the shows again for the clown hungry audiences of families from all over uk many returning specially to see us clowns! After loading the van a butlins sunday roast dinner went down well & myself & Susi Oddball also from Brighton said our goodbyes to another fun but tiring weekend. See you all next March! in Clown town Bognor.

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