Kemptown Carnival Kidz Stage this saturday 9thjune

Zaz is again hosting this years Kidz Stage @ kemptown carnival, Brighton. Situated in the middle of CHAPEL TERRACE behind St George’s church. This year we have more space & hope to provide a kidz & family entertainment spot within the busy & bustling carnival. We will have many local kidz friendly performers visiting the stage to play music or perform & we really encourage any talented kids to get involved on the day! will be playing group party games so do let us know if it actually happens to be Your birthday! local young dj/producer pete the beat will be doing some dj sampling with the kidz,  + all the usual circus fun through out the day. Don’t forget the custard pie fight later on in the afternoon! that could get messy!

For lots more info check kemptown carnival or child friendly brighton Both Info and WC are both left and right of the church close to the Kidz area. Any lost children should be directed to either the Info Welfare or directly to me Clown ZAZ @ the kidz stage & we will make an announcement in the show. See You there along with the carnival sunshine! 

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