Summer is finally here!

At last summer is here! Zaz & friends are all busy making the fun happen!            Circus PaZaz whilst entertaining is helping PTA’s to raise funds at many school fetes this year. We perform & teach children’s shows in our circus tent for all the families entertainment. We are also happy to be part of some great family events & festivals again this summer. Locally the Kemptown carnival was a great start to the sunshine season, Zaz did well to keep Oswald the Ostrich under control in the massive carnival crowds as he’s a lively bird!

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Zaz is happy to be confirmed for Glastonbury Kidzfield again this year.                   If you are at Glastonbury with your children come and say Hi!                                                   here is the fantastic line-up in the Kidzfield BigTop  favourite events more local like Dromos, Lawnfest, & Hampshire water festivals. Looking forward to meeting friends new & old this summer! To keep updated on where Zaz & Circus PaZaz will be this summer follow him on facebook or twitter we will keep you updated with info on some cool events for kids to take part this summer!


Baby Izaac’s Circus Christening day

DSC_5989In addition to zaz’s usual half term & kids party fun We’ve had a busy Feb/April getting final visits & arrangements in place for the summer season.                       My new project Circus Pazaz with the help of Fred from Fred’s flying circus is taking shape. One big job that was needed before opening was to wash the tent. By circus standards our tent is a baby to,  but still, washing a 50ft tent is an operation. With that in mind I had arranged a spot in the farmers field to do this. We had a water tap in the field, all that was needed was sunshine, help from friends & lots of sponges. Most of our friends have kids, but due to work commitments they don’t see ‘Zaz’ that often sadly…..Drying the tent meant putting it up completely.  We thought that it would be a perfect chance to celebrate the birth our first baby, Izaac & let our friends children & family enjoy a day at our new little circus. The farmer liked the idea & offered us a fantastic field set in the beautiful Sussex South Downs & we invited clown vicar Rev Roly Bain to perform, christen Izaac & bless our new tent in a circus way but still by the Church of England. Saturday the 20th April was confirmed & it truly was a day we will always remember. We invited friends & family for a midday service in the tent followed by BBQ games, family disco, ending the day with showtime! Some performer friends came as guests but also generously performed too. The weather was perfect, baby Izaac was so good & seems very at home under the canvas. When he is older we will show him the photos & tell him about his circus christening on world circus day. Photos thanks to Steve Jacks & Rob Shone


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Bognor Clown festival ’13 – my write-up

scan Bognor 2013 group pic0001
When I was a child this is the place I first saw clowns, lots of them! Of course there was the local clown heroes from my town that I would help & follow all year round but only at a clown festival do you see at least 100 the biggest in 1991 there were around 800, as the US World Clown Association joined forces with the UK’s Clowns International. Sadly for Bognor Regis, this year was to be the last to be held within Butlins resort. With endings often bring new beginnings & Butlins must be thanked for their continued support over the years. The show must go on! & 2013 Clowns weekend was one of the best since restarting in 09. This time Zaz wasn’t just on the list for shows & the usual fun but was one of the organisers & yes it’s a tough job organising 100 clowns! After many plain clothes visits to Bognor for meetings with both Butlins & the Town Council it was great to see it all happen & fall in to place. We the organising team were lucky that we already had a good formula in place set by the previous organisers & could then add to that. I arrived in Bognor Monday morning & the school tours were under way. We dealt with any press interested in the clowns event. Over the weekend I spoke to, spirit fm, meridian news, the local Bognor observer & the Sunday times, all very interested lets hope the coverage helps to find a new venue for a UK clowns festival? Once all had arrived we enjoyed a social/training day with workshops of interest to us clowns. Butlins began to fill with guests to the maximum with some great families visiting from all over UK. This year we put on 2 shows at the local Regis centre theatre. A tea time children’s show & our evening gala show. On the Monday I had met with the theatre box office to see how the tickets were selling, as we had hoped that a low price children’s show would appeal to many local families. Only! 80 had been sold. Time for plan b, with the help of some junior clowns we went to the schools at home-time to see mum direct……as parents picked up their children we reminded them that it was In fact clowns weekend & there was lots of stuff for the kids to do & see! This must have worked & 180 came to the tea time show. Zaz was first on stage & truly wonderful feeling to be performing to many children, in the theatre that I had watched so many clowns performing myself aged 7-12. Like a flash my time was up & I handed over to my other performing clown friends for 3 more different acts including Toto who had come all the way from USA be part of the festival.

599003_567651853253769_309511446_nAfter the show all the families left the Regis centre with happy faces601568_10200636688350394_884817994_n! There was a quick change over as guests & off duty clowns soon began to arrive for the gala show, the 1st CI has put on in quite some time & I’m glad we did. Some, I’m sure felt many good old memory’s from the original convention days back 20 years ago…..The show was great & all the acts had something different to share, personally I only saw parts of the show as I was a busy helping back stage & then variety juggling veteran, Michael Pearse thanked me after his very funny comedy juggling spot then said that he was off now to walk to the station he was upgraded to a lift during the 2nd half in the van, that’s show biz! Flat hat a English clown living in France closed the show wonderfully with his european traditional theatre style that can only take years in the making. After the show it was great to celebrate a good evening & remember the old day’s in a local bar on the seafront.

295626_567655056586782_1252922767_nDSC_3181482846_567653926586895_446811539_nDSC_3127photos thanks to Bethany harris. Up & out for an early start sat morning to set-up the mini circus in the skyline for short clown shows & the highlight being the juniors clowns show! A good mix of different aged “clown Kidz” & they all did a really great performance! As they all live in different parts of the country they individually did there acts, just like real clowns do! If they continue like this they will become great clowns when they are older. With so much happening in Butlins Saturday went fast! One of my faverate clowns Hal Brooks, now retired but still putting smiles on kids & parents faces even with-out a clown face. He has written a book about his life as a clown. He always tells me….Write it down Zaz!! Write it down!! I hope he reads my blog, Hal is probably my oldest friend on Facebook I’m proud to say! That evening awards were given out to some including me, yes I was awarded the sunflower award for helping & being a long standing member of CI, each year the club makes a new pin badge. As part of this award I must design next years badge …clowns ARE Cool perhaps?! Sunday morning clown vicar Roly arranged the usual clowns church service and the sun came out just in time for the Parade. A fantastic 25 piece samba band drummed its way through the streets of the town followed by the clowns. The public had really come out to show their support for perhaps the last ever clown parade in the town who knows?

Let’s hope Bognor never forgets the time the clowns came to stay….. over the years the festival has promoted the town, given many happy times to the local people & holiday visitors. Not forgetting all those that were inspired enough to wanna be real clowns as a life & career, like myself & Clumbsy who now is touring with John Lawson’s Circus. Thanks Bognor Regis & all those who took part it was fun!

not long till’ Clowns festival in Bognor Regis

1st weekend in March sees the return of clowns convention held mostly in Butlins holiday centre Bognor Regis. Family Clown fun can be found at events both in Butlins & around the town. This year we are putting on 2 shows at the regis centre theatre!

CI Clown show posterclown Toto from USABognor Regis Town mayor Jim Brooksfinishing off the weekend with a colourful parade along the beach road & into town on Sunday 3th March, starting from butlins (beach gate) at 2pm.               Why not come and join us in Bognor for a great day out for the family!                For more info click here

for some Clown convention history & my story in photos click here                        See you soon Bognor Regis!

67th Annual Grimaldi church service

This Sunday clowns will mark the 67th clowns church service in East London. Traditionally the first Sunday in February clowns gather to celebrate the life of father of clowns, Pantomime clown Joseph Grimaldi & remember those loved clown performers who have past.
Here is last years news coverage to see….. Our clown Rev Roly bain will lead service & each year after the service there is a free family clown show for the local children. Click here for all the details.


some more zazzy feedback to start the year off again…

Here is another nice email of thanks & feedback sent to me this morning after Zaz helped out at the golden lions children’s trust christmas party near Gatwick airport.

Thank you so much Zaz for today everyone was talking about you after you had gone saying how brilliant you were. You engaged all the children and adults  for a long time, a fantastic show well done!!!!Fabulous so proud to know you,well done and a very big thank you for supporting the Golden Lions Children's Trust. x


Zazzy Christmas everyone, only 1 sleep to go!

Like most years this christmas week as been a busy one for me, for this time of year Zaz becomes more of an Elf clown for the occasion. This week I have been lucky enough to find myself doing what I do best in some fantastic locations like HMS Wellington on the thames, an awesome purpose built stage at Westfield, quite a few city firm boardrooms, I wonder if some of the younger children think that their parents place of work is always that exiting with face painters on hand & master balloon sculptures and all the magic that goes into creating a good children’s party or event.                                              Tuesday morning (thankfully the sunniest day of this week)                     I performed for some very lucky kids way up high in the BT Tower. The view of london was great & this may be my tallest gig yet! Sunday’s Highlight was helping with the huge B&HFC young seagulls xmas party. I think this is the 5th time I have been invited, this year we hosted the family performance area with a mix of shows and circus skills in between. click here for the photos Well done to all the kids, Mums & Dads that had a go! it was fun!IMG_1048zazzychristmas_colour

Looking forward to a little rest! then a busy start to the new year with our exiting new project, Circus PaZaz touring schools, small festivals and family events with our new little bigTop          

Wishing all my friends, clowns, fans & everyone who has booked me this year a very happy christmas to you and your families…….Zaz :0)

spot Zaz in cool kidz magazine Anorak for their fantastic circus issue vol25

So pleased to see Clown Zaz featured in cool kidz magazine Anorak for their circus issue. If you have ever seen a copy of the happy mag for kids you will know that its always an inspiring arty read for cool kids age 6-12 but adults will find it interesting too, well I know I do! for more info on how to arrange a copy to your bedroom, mums & dads check it out here    want to see whats inside the circus issue?

Circus PaZaz is born…..

We are very pleased to introduce our new website for the new circus PaZaz project. With our “little” bigtop we will be visiting schools & family festivals in 2013. Please visit for lots more info

Circus Pazaz

Havant Multicultural festival free family event in Hampshire this sat!

A little rest after getting back home from Electric picnic in Ireland, this Sat sees us providing circus skills & family entertainment at the Havant multicultural festival. If your in Hampshire bring the whole family, its FREE! Electric Picnic was tiring but fantastic, it Irelands version of glastonbury festival. They too understand just how important it is for music festivals not only to be safe but to inspire children! Children can join the whole festival and see the bands & Djs even Fossets Circus were there, but have their own exclusive field the Soul Kids field. Here face painting flows on to every face, parents are relaxed, & kids fun is a priority. In the performance tent I was joined by some great kids acts from kids Yoga, book signing & reading – drama workshops and ending each day the Awesome Kids disco by father & daughter top Dj’s. I also met some young clown wannabes, quite a few kids that could already unicycle & Yes Its true Irish kids also think Clowns ARE Cool!      for some more pics click here

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