Birthday Parties


Suitable for Halls, open spaces, gardens & parks, in Brighton & the South. Discounts for After school weekday parties. Weekend Party Time slots,  morning from 10am or afternoon from 1pm  1hour party show & meet & greet only 2 hour party includes meet & greet, Show, traditional games/Circus games like juggling & plate spinning!  
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Fees start from £120 & depending on location, availability, times, and plans                    “Booking Last minute” It maybe possible by contacting Mattzaz for last minute birthdays, you never know he may be close to your area already, & can help, but it is best to book in advance to avoid disappointment!

Usually the Party begins with Matt making the transformation into clown Zaz by painting up his face in front the children & guests This works well for younger children & also gives the first 10/15 mins of the party for everyone to greet each other and arrive. Once everyone is ready its showtime! just under an Hour of Clown & Circus Fun! that will have kids and Adults in Stitches! your children & friends will love to see Zaz ride his Unicycles, perform magical tricks, juggling, colorful hat tricks, balancing, lots of  “kiddy Comedy” & balloons of course. 

If you book a full 2hours all you will need to do is arrange the food & party bags…. After the show you can present the birthday cake, & Zaz will be ready with the happy birthday music & of course all the latest pop party tunes on the ZazPod! Zaz will then organize & play traditional party games & Circus skills including colorful scarf juggling perfect for a 1st ever juggling lesson!   

Over the years I have helped with hundreds of children’s birthdays & look forward to making yours one to remember…..for more info see my party tips here

For Booking info click here please note that Zaz maybe busy with Circus Pazaz during the summer season, but always try’s to help with kidz parties on request!

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