Birthday Party advice & tips.

Your children’s party is an experience that you and your child and friends will remember for many years to come, the more you put into it the more you will get out of it…..& These days it is quite common for good school friends to share a party, Joint kidz parties can save parents time, effort & costs.

If you do use a hall this will give you the opportunity to invite more friends and family & you will not have to worry about the clean-up of your house after. Use a decorated large cardboard box to store all the presents, this way you will be able to open them with your child after at your leisure after and you will keep track of who they are from.

I do encourage Mums & Dads  to stay and be part of the event, however you must join in the show, the children will enjoy themselves more if you are having fun too. I try my best to include something for everyone of all ages.

Adults chatting loudly will be off putting for the children’s concentration and for mine too……Save the whistles, poppers sweets and balloons until after the show again this will distract the youngsters and loose the organised safe fun that I try to maintain while I am at your party. Always put balloons out on the door/entrance so everyone coming can find the party easily.

Your food can be served before or after the show and games, I find that it is best after but it is up to you, try to think of healthy food options for the children to eat with lots of colourful fruit and veg. It is best if you supply the prizes so this can be personal to you and your guests normally a few mixed girl or boy games will be fine…over the years I have helped with hundreds of birthdays & look forward to making yours one to remember…..

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