Clowns festival time again this weekend in Bognor Regis with Parade along the beach sunday@2pm

This weekend sees the return of clowns convention held in Butlins holiday centre Bognor Regis. family Clown fun can be found at events both in Butlins & around the town with the highlight being the Parade along the beach road on Sunday 6th March, starting from butlins (beach gate) at 2pm. For more info click here for some Clown convention history click here   See you soon Bognor Regis!

Hello Zaz, You are my favourite Clown. Please can you tell me where you got your tape measure watch? thank-you Noah (age 6)

Hello Zaz,
I saw you at the Clown Service.  At the end of the Clown Show you gave me a picture of you on a carousel. You are my favourite clown.  Please can you tell me where you got your tape measure watch? Thank you.
Love from Noah (age 6)           (with help from Mummy age 40!)
Hi Noah & Mummy! Thanks for your email! Nice to know that out of all those clowns at the clowns church I am your favourite clown! I started clowning around as a real job when I was a kid too, about 10 years old. I love my job as a clown, entertaining kids and big kids (Adults) too……. Clowns love big funny stuff, my watch is great it can measure time and anything really. This watch I made myself, they don’t sell watches that big in the shops I made a Jumbo Ipod with big headphones too! sounds great and looks funny too.
Again thanks for taking the time to write, Glad you enjoyed my clown show, see you next time! Clown Zaz ~:O)    

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